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To the naked eye,  they just look like regular wristbands but to me and anyone that puts them on, they are true lifesavers.  You may be asking, "How can a simple wristband save a life?"  The answer, it's not so much about the wristband but the MESSAGE on them. Being a 25-year suicide survivor and very passionate mental health and suicide prevention advocate, I know what it feels like to feel that excruciating pain of wanting to die, feeling like no one care and no one understands.  I knew I could be with all the people I put them on BUT through my wristbands, I am always with them through the wording. I wanted them to know, no matter what they're going through "You're Not Alone," someone always understands.  I wanted them to know, there is always help, that is why the Crisis Text Line is on the outside and the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is on the inside and lastly, I wanted the person to know, even at our lowest, there is Hope and we can recover. So you see by helping me raise money to more wristbands is actually helping me to save lives.  I hope you will donate and help me buy more of these lifesaving wristbands.  
Created by Fonda Bryant

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Wellness Action Recovery Inc.

Wellness Action Recovery is a nonprofit organization that focuses on mental wellness through positive interaction and putting in the work to stay on the path of recovery.