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Kate* has a 23-year-old daughter named Mallory* who has been struggling with moderate to severe mental illness, primarily since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Up until then, she was a vibrant, energetic, athletic and involved young woman who appreciated and cherished her life. With roughly four months of new work experience, the massive pandemic lockdown ripped apart a ‘normal’ way of life, and Mallory was right in the middle.  Soon after, Mallory’s behavior became erratic, and Kate and her husband took immediate steps to enroll Mallory in intensive outpatient therapy. First, with the guidance and care of a psychiatrist to assess her condition and to prescribe medication to alleviate her conditions. Second, she began regular visits with a psychological therapist to provide coping skills. Both of these doctor visits continue today yet Mallory’s treatment results have been slow. Additionally, there is no health coverage to defray all or some of these medical expenses.  Part of each donation will benefit Samaritans and Thropic, and the remaining monies will help to allow Mallory to continue her treatment.  Please HELP by donating any amount you are able to contribute. Each donation will help to fund Mallory’s therapy. An anonymous donor has committed to match up to $10,000 from all other sources.  *Real identity of persons referenced is protected.
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Samaritans' mission is to reduce the incidence of suicide by alleviating despair, isolation, distress and suicidal feelings among individuals in our community, 24 hours a day; to educate the public about suicide prevention; and to reduce the stigma associated with suicide.