Wicked Loud Karaoke Challenge


The Wicked Loud Karaoke Challenge is a viral campaign that will allow us to challenge friends, family, celebrities, athletes, musicians and business leaders to put aside their humility, sing a song, and nominate others to Get Wicked Loud for Cancer to raise funds and make an impact on the day-to-day lives of families and individuals affected.

The goal is to collaborate with great brands, personalities and companies who share this same passion, and grow the movement through unconventional digital initiatives and events. To do so we need your help! 

All we ask is that you tag someone who should get WICKED LOUD for Cancer research and make a donation above! 

Wicked Loud is a Boston based, 501 (c) nonprofit founded by cancer survivor Christian Petrillo, dedicated to raising awareness and uplifting spirits through unconventional events and digital media initiatives. Our mission is to make an impact on the day-to-day lives of the individuals and families affected by cancer and other life-changing events.

Thank you for your support!