Electric Vehicles: The Future

Electric Vehicles: The Future

Elon Musk and his Tesla juggernaut have certainly not kept the concept and availability of electric vehicles quiet. While Musk has since revolutionized the industry, electric and hybrid vehicles have been in the picture for quite some time, with the first mass-produced commercial model being the Toyota Prius, in 2000. This was jus the beginning, and after the Prius blew up worldwide, paired with the increasing knowledge of traditional vehicles’ negative contributions to the environment, electric and hybrids just continued to trend upwards.

Now, present day, virtually every major manufacturer has either an electric or hybrid model in an attempt to appeal to the greener crowds and help transition the masses to cleaner roads, and Musk has been at the forefront of the most recent push. The hype surrounding electric cars magnified when he introduced his sleek, luxurious Tesla, and despite the initially menacing price tag, he has begun to popularize electric cars by making them not only efficient, but also attractive and a must for many car enthusiasts. The flagship Model S gave way to the Model X SUV, and has led to the recent release of Musk’s much more affordable Model 3, which had initial wait of over a year from mass preorders. The Model 3, which bases at $35,000 (as a comparison, the Chevy Volt EV, Tesla’s primary competitor, retails base at around $34,000), is certainly among the more affordable options in the industry when considering what it brings to the table. But they of course aren’t the only one. The aforementioned Chevy Volt EV actually eclipsed the Tesla Model S as the #1 reviewed electric vehicle nationwide, and although the price difference isn’t significant, it gets the job done all the same.

There are approximately 3 million electric cars on the roads worldwide, an estimate that, while comparatively speaking may be small, is a massive step towards integrating the entire global economy into electric transportation. According to Green Tech Media, EV sales from 2017 to 2018 skyrocketed by 81%, the sharpest increase seen in the history of these vehicles, assisted in large part by the 139,782 Tesla Model 3’s that were sold to the general public. Even the newly electric Toyota Prius Prime sold 27,595 models throughout the course of the year. It’s a wildfire, and it’s spreading, slowly but surely.

Auto manufacturers are gradually bringing their electric cars into the spotlight, and while they might not be flying off the shelves the way a brand new Camaro or Suburban might, they are still very much a presence on an international level, and are well on their way to being on the streets everywhere in the near future.

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